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Employee Assistance Programs

Definition: Employee Assistance Programs provide counseling for employees and their families when they are dealing with personal issues. In addition, they provide consultation to managers, supervisors and human resources for job performance problems in the workplace.


Wayne Corporation’s EAP works to optimize employee productivity and organizational performance by:

o Assisting employees to be productive through early detection and resolution of troubling, personal issues
o Providing consultation to supervisors, managers and union leadership dealing with troubled employees
o Assisting families of employees whose personal issues disrupt their lives, especially as these issues negatively    impact employed parents or spouses
o Consulting with organizational leaders to identify risk factors that negatively affect a safe work environment


Employees and their household family members can seek help for problems such as:

Marital Conflict


Family Issues



Balancing Work and Home


Parent-Child-Family Conflict


Managers, supervisors, HR staff and union leadership may seek consultation through
the EAP regarding employee job performance issues or other concerns such as:

Anger Management


Violent Behavior in the Workplace

Drugs and Alcohol


Missed Deadlines

Poor Quality of Work

Sexual Harassment