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What is an EAP?

What happens when...
A key employee suffers a heart attack? A valued office manager suddenly misses filing deadlines? A responsible worker comes to meeting after meeting unprepared?

Productivity drops. Absenteeism increases. Staff morale plummets. Other employees feel stress.

The key employee may have an aging parent making demands. The office manager may be dealing with a depressed spouse. The responsible worker may have a drinking problem or a teenager on drugs.

Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) help employees when they have job performance problems or when they have personal difficulties that may interfere with their performance at work. EAPs also assist managers and supervisors in dealing confidently and positively with troubled employees. Since EAPs help employees to again become productive members of the organization, they represent a good way for business to protect its investing in people. Wayne Corporation has provided the highest quality EAPs to businesses since 1983.