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Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of employee problems or issues are addressed in the EAP?

Confidential counseling and assistance is available to employees
and their household family members for any type of personal problem such as:

Marital Conflict


Family Issues


Life Changes

Elder/Child Care


Balancing Work and Home




Parent-Child-Family Conflict



What kind of assistance is available for managers and supervisors through the EAP?

Onsite or telephone consultation is available for managers and supervisors,
HR staff and union leaders regarding job performance issues in the workplace such as:

Drugs and Alcohol

Workplace Violence


Employee Turnover


Anger Management


Sexual Harassment

Employee Policy

Missed Deadlines


What is Critical Incident Stress Debriefing (CISD)?

A CISD is onsite counseling for stress responses following traumatic, emergency situations such as violence in the workplace, accidents involving injuries or death and natural disasters.


What is the purpose of an EAP?

1. To assist employees to be productive through early detection and resolution of troubling, personal issues.
2. To provide consultation to supervisors and managers dealing with troubled employees.
3. To assist families of employees whose personal issues disrupt their lives.
4. To consult with organizational leaders to identify and resolve risk factors that negatively affect a safe work environment.


Are all EAPs the same?

No, Wayne Corporation will consult with you to design a program that matches the needs of your organization. All of our EAPs meet or exceed the Employee Assistance Professionals Association (EAPA) Standards and Professional Guidelines for Employee Assistance Programs.


What other EAP services are available?

- Enhanced legal and financial services
- Enhanced child and elder care services
- Enhanced work life services
- SAP (Substance Abuse Professional)
- Drug-Free Workplace