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Included Services

Wayne Corporation’s EAPs are coordinated with an employer’s existing
human resources philosophy and practice and are designed to include:

   • Education of supervisors and managers to recognize a troubled employee and to make an appropriate referral to the EAP.

   • Orientation for employees to encourage the use of the EAP for personal and family problems.

   • Confidential counseling sessions with an EAP counselor to develop a plan of action to address personal concerns of the employee
    or household family member.

   • Onsite consultation with managers and supervisors, HR staff, and union leadership in dealing with job performance problems of
    an employee, department or work group.

   • 24 hour, 7 day per week availability, all calls answered live.

   • Crisis intervention.

   • Critical Incident Stress Debriefing.

   • Assignment of an EAP counselor to each company or organization to develop an ongoing, trusting relationship with managers,      supervisors, HR staff, employees and union leaders.

   • Promotional/communication materials such as brochures, wallet cards, customized posters, etc. - designed to create awareness and encourage use.

   • Enhanced Legal, Financial, Eldercare, and Childcare resources and referrals.

   • Promotion of the EAP within the company or organization to create awareness and encourage use.

   • Quarterly evaluations of the EAP with management.

   • EAP website resources that include information on work-life, legal, financial, emotional well-being, stress, health and personal growth.

   • Monthly webinars (conducted live and archived) focuses on work-life topics.

   • Website with information on work life, emotional well being, mental health, stress, family, substance abuse, etc.

   • Toll free phone number for consultation and assistance.

   • Consultation with management on policy issues such as EAP, drug and alcohol, sexual harassment and workplace violence.

   • Return to work conferences with employees, supervisors, union leaders and the EAP counselor after extended leaves of absence
    of employees who have been in treatment.