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Frequently Asked Questions

Informal and Formal referrals to the EAP are voluntary. It is the employee’s decision whether or not to follow through with the referral.


What is an Informal Referral?

Informal referrals to the EAP are made after becoming aware of an employee who is dealing with a personal problem(s). The supervisor reminds the employee of the EAP and encourages them to call for assistance.


What is a Formal Referral?

Formal referrals to the EAP are based solely on an employee’s job performance. The goal of the formal “supervisor” referral is improved job performance and the EAP can be helpful in reaching this goal. If you are thinking about making a formal referral;
1. Contact your EAP counselor for assistance
2. Contact Human Resources to ensure you’re following your employers policies and procedures


What is a Mandatory Referral?

Mandatory referrals to the EAP may be used if an employee violates a company policy such as failing a drug or alcohol test. Usually the role of the EAP counselor is to assess the employee, make recommendations for treatment/education and determine when the employee is safe and ready to return to work.