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Making a Referral

• Observe and document work performance problems. Call Human Resources to ensure you are following your employer’s policy

• Call Wayne Corporation to discuss the situation with your EAP counselor. The EAP counselor will:

   * Review the performance problems and your expectations and improvement
   * Discuss previous interventions, disciplinary or otherwise
   * Determine if a formal referral is appropriate
   * Assist the supervisor in developing a plan of action

• Meet with the employee to discuss the supervisory referral and review the following:

   * The job performance problem
   * Expectations for improvement
   * Consequences if job performance does not show improvement
   * Referral to the EAP is voluntary and not a disciplinary measure
   * Confidentiality with EAP participation

• Employee meets with the EAP counselor and is asked to sign a Release of Information allowing the counselor to inform the supervisor of the employee’s attendance and compliance with EAP recommendations

• Return call from the EAP counselor to advise the supervisor of employees’ attendance and compliance with recommendations

• Continue to focus on work performance problems of employee