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Online Skills Courses

Advantage University offers online training courses for staff and managers. Courses can be taken anytime with tools that allow learners to pause and revisit the material during a busy workday.

Course Categories:

Achieving Personal Goals
Applying Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace
Applying Leadership Basics
Appreciating Personality Differences
Balancing Work and Family
Basics of Effective Communication
Basics of Effective Selling
Becoming an Effective Team Member
Building a Successful Team
Building Strong Customer Relationships
Business Writing Basics
Choosing a Childcare Provider
Closing a Sale
Coaching and Counseling
Conducting Performance Reviews
Conflict Intervention
Creating a Strong Leadership Team
Creating an Effective Sales Team
Dealing with Difficult Customers
Dealing with Violence in the Workplace
Developing a Child
Developing a Strategic Plan
Discharging Employees
Disciplining and Redirecting Employees
Financial Basics for Non-financial Managers
Guardianship Decisions for Elderly Loved Ones
Intellectual Business Etiquette
Internet Basics
Interviewing Job Candidates
Interviewing Skills for Job Candidates
Leading Effective Teams
Managing a Virtual Office
Managing Change
Managing Disagreement
Managing Negative People
Managing Projects
Managing Stress
Managing Your 401(k)
Mastering Cold Calls
Motivating Employees
Moving from Trainer to Performance Consultant
Organizing Your Workplace
Overcoming the Loss of a Loved One
Personal Financial Planning
Presentation Skills
Preventing Sexual Harassment for Employees
Preventing Sexual Harassment for Leaders
Providing Effective Feedback
Qualifying Sales Prospects
Recognizing and Avoiding Burnout
Recognizing and Managing Anger
Recognizing and Responding to Signals of Violence
Recognizing Employee Performance
Setting Performance Goals and Expectations
Solving Problems as a Team
Succeeding as a Supervisor
Successful Negotiation
Telephone Sales Skills
Telephone Skills for Quality Customer Service
Time Management
Understanding and Using Contracts
Valuing Diversity
Leading Effective Meetings