Location: Louisville, Kentucky

Type: Full or part time

Description: Provide consultation and training for managers, union representatives, supervisors and employees around job performance issues in the workplace. Promote the EAP. Provide counseling for employees and their families for personal and behavioral health issues including but not limited to alcohol, drugs, marriage, family, mental health, emotional, grief, stress, etc. Provide critical incident program services.


  • Licensed mental health professional in Kentucky. CEAP, SAP, or CADC certification a plus.
  • At least five years post masters experience in clinical counseling.
  • EAP experience and understanding of EAP Core Technology.
  • Familiar with available community resources for mental health, substance abuse, work life, etc.
  • Excellent communication and customer service skills.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office.

Submit resumes to:

Derek Wilhelmus
Wayne Corporation
1169 Eastern Parkway Suite 1166
Louisville, KY 40217